Battle of New Orleans

What’s in a Name? There are several legends of how Money Hill got its name, but one stands above the others. Sitting on the highest elevation in St. Tammany Parish, Money Hill was the ideal place to hide caches of gold coins when it was feared the British would defeat General Jackson’s army at the […]

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Tung Oil

Tung Oil and the Conservation Heart of Money Hill A strange and romantic product, for centuries tung oil was a secret of the Chinese and produced mostly in the region of the Yangtze River where strangers were forbidden to enter. Its use in Asia dates back at least to the Tang Dynasty, A.D. 618-907. It

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An Advertisement Brings the Goodyear Brothers to Louisiana.

Industrialists from the North invest in Southern Timberlands Charles Waterhouse Goodyear was 56 and Frank Henry Goodyear was 52 when the brothers set their sights on land in Louisiana and Mississippi. Industrialists with timber, coal and railroad interests in New York and Pennsylvania, they realized that timber stands were being depleted by their lumber operations

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