Money Hill acquired its name in the early 1800s. Legend has it that swashbuckling Barataria pirates and smugglers, perhaps even the notorious Jean Lafitte, buried some of their stolen loot at Money Hill. While multiple variations of the legacy exist, the allure of these local tales was so strong that treasure hunters explored the grounds looking for buried treasure well into the 1940s.


Five generations of the Goodyear family have served as dedicated caretakers of this magnificent property for over one hundred years. Originally purchased by the family as a lumber interest in 1905, the two Goodyear brothers, Charles and Frank, created the paper mill and much of the subsequent town that was built around it in Bogalusa, Louisiana. For decades the property supported the timber, pulp, paper and tung oil industries. In the latter half of the twentieth century, it was transformed into a fondly remembered campground for family vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts before evolving into the community it is today.

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