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Our Lady of the Lake Partners with Money Hill to Celebrate Construction of Its Newest St. Tammany Parish Clinic

Construction is underway on Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group’s Money Hill Walk-In Clinic on Highway 21 in Bush, Louisiana. Bush, LA – Our Lady of the Lake Northshore held a groundbreaking celebration for its new Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group Money Hill Walk-In Clinic. This innovative …

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How the Bachman’s Squirrels Thrive at Money Hill: The Conservation Efforts of Louisiana’s Premier Golf and Country Club.

Money Hill Golf & Country Club boasts natural beauty and diverse wildlife, including the remarkable Bachman’s squirrel. These captivating creatures have an intriguing history and play a significant role in the ecosystem of Money Hill. Also known as the Florida fox squirrel, this large tree squirrel is native to the …

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Graceful and Majestic: Discovering the Great Egrets of Money Hill Golf and Country Club, Louisiana’s Premier Conservation Community.

Nestled among the rolling hills and tranquil forests of Louisiana lies the Money Hill Golf and Country Club, a premier conservation community that has become known for its dedication to preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings. Among the many creatures that call this place home, none are as graceful …

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What are interest rates and how do they work?

Happening NOW: Interest rates, simplified.  An interest rate is the “price” a lender charges a borrower for a loan. Just like a pair of jeans at your favorite store, every loan has a price tag. That price tag is the interest rate. But instead of dollars and cents, the price …

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5 Tips For Buying A House (That No One Ever Tells You)

What you need to know before buying (that no one ever tells you):   1. Buy the house you can afford, not the maximum the mortgage lender thinks you can afford.   2. Don’t dismiss school districts – even if you don’t have kids. Buying in a sought-after district will …

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An Advertisement Brings the Goodyear Brothers to Louisiana.

Industrialists from the North invest in Southern Timberlands Charles Waterhouse Goodyear was 56 and Frank Henry Goodyear was 52 when the brothers set their sights on land in Louisiana and Mississippi. Industrialists with timber, coal and railroad interests in New York and Pennsylvania, they realized that timber stands were being …

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