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Abita Springs

The grounds of Money Hill lie approximately 6 miles from the town of Abita Springs.

Abita Springs, known by New Orleanians since the 1800s as a relaxing getaway, is considered one of America's most charming towns. It receives a notable reputation for being a place where healing waters flow; where people live in harmony with nature and enjoy relaxed, healthy lives.

A large number of artists, sculptors, jewelers, painters, writers, poets and philosophers have chosen the old houses of Abita Springs as their homes. The unique character of the town is its historic ambiance, its small town values and an incredible amount of local talent.

It's the kind of place where people still remember your name at the post office, you still stop for quick groceries at the local market or fruit stand and the Town Hall still remains the hub of the town. People still sit on an open-air patio with friends sipping on morning coffee after breakfast at the restaurant. You can still hear children playing ball in the park with their parents cheering them on. Towns like Abita Springs define the very essence of picturesque small-town life. Find out more at